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Green Lantern - Teaser01

Green Lantern - Teaser01

Green Lantern - Teaser01

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I have reached the point where I can't contain my excitement anymore. I have been waiting for this movie since I was a kid and the wait is killing me. Since there's no much I can do about it I've decided to blog a few thoughts on the upcoming film.

When Ryan Reynolds was cast in the leading role I got really worried, his background in comedies was scary and his role as Deadpool didn't help much either, the latter was not entirely his fault tho. But after my initial apprehension I have to say, the dude is growing on me. 

If the suit looks too organic or too alien-like, or if the portrayal is more based on Kyle Ryner than in Hal Jordan or if he's wearing Vibram shoes instead of superhero boots, it doesn't matter in the end. Fans are always nitpicking on something, that's what we do. And unlike with other comic book adaptations I'm willing to overlook those minor details, I think these are small concessions that do not affect the core of the story, a reckless test pilot entrusted with the ring from a dying alien that allows him to translate thought into green constructs, and the only limitations are his imagination and will power, with that he's thrown into a cosmic adventure that will help him to learn to overcome his fears and become a better man. Can you see why he's my favourite?

Everything about this movie feels epic and respectful to the source material. From the countless alien forms to the larger than life scale. The CGI has improved massively since the first teaser trailer debuted and I'm pretty confident that the final product will not disappoint.

WonderCon Trailer

Update: Second Theatrical Trailer [05-04-2011]

Directed by Martin Campbell, starring Ryan Reynolds, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett, Tim Robbins and Geoffrey Rush and Michael Clarke Duncan as the voices of Tomar-Re and Kilowog respectively. Green Lantern premiers in the US on June 17.

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