Monday, September 06, 2010

From YouTube: For the video to Toro Y Moi's latest single "Low Shoulder" the directors Elisha Smith-Leverock and Chris Murdoch have drawn inspiration from everything from pulp magazines and Cinderella to sploshing and mono-brows. It's a nod to Italo-horror flics form the 70s and 80s. It features an appearance by 60s it-girl Daphne Sherman, wife of the legendary mod tailor Ben Sherman, who stars as a demented ballroom dancing reject/ waitress.

According to Chaz the song was written for his girlfriend asking her to not fall asleep whilst driving. We based the video on the idea of this sleep-deprived girl calling at a roadside diner for a coffee. Next thing you know she's semi-conscious and experiencing some really weird sh**"

Low Shoulder was shot in studio and on location at the Marina Cafe on Mare Street, Hackney on a very low budget with the help of a rather energetic and like-minded crew.

Directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock & Chris Murdoch.
Can't express how much I love this band. I've been listening this album up and down for months now and I still can't get enough. It's pretty good, like in the “potentially-in-my-top-five-of-2010” kind of way.

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