Friday, August 31, 2007

Blog Day 2007
- Technorati BlogDay tag.

* I have a confession to make, I'm not exactly the number one fan of this memetics traditions that surrounds the blogosphere, as a matter of fact I was trying to overlook this whole thing, but yesterday I reconsidered my position and now I'm embracing this endogamic tradition, I can't promise that I will be part of it from now on but who knows.
This is my contribution, a list of a five blogs that are worth to mention. so here they are. Dive in!

* Tengo que hacer una confesión, no soy muy fan de las tradiciones meméticas que pululan por la blogósfera, de echo planeaba pasar por alto todo esto, pero ayer reconsideré mi posición y ahora abrazo esta tradición endogámica, no puedo prometer de que seré parte de ella de ahora en adelante, pero nunca se sabe.
Ésta es mi contribución, una lista de cinco blogs que son dignos de ser mencionados. Asi que aquí están. Sumerganse en ellos.

Swissmiss [en]
(Tina is a designer from Switzerland in transition to her new home in NYC, in between, she manages to run her "visual archive".)

Jean Snow [en]
(Canadian guy in japan who "lives and breathes design and pop culture in Tokyo", and he hasn't lost anything in the translation.)

PixelSpread [en]
Matt is a graphic design student who I have the privilege to know thanks to Twitter. Pixelspread is his blog and portfolio but he also runs, zombieattack and the bright new, and he is also a beard enthusiast! Be prepared to know more from this guy in the future.

I hate Design [es]
(A youngling from the 80's, like the most of us, with a particular point of view of the popular culture and design, from Chile)

NiceFuckingGraphics [es]
(Design and related items in this universe from Mexico, btw, they linked me first today but I was planning to linked them since yesterday.)



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