Sunday, September 02, 2007

My blog trapped in Dave's iPhone
Click on the image for the large version (1280×1024px – 131KB)

* I would like to say that's my hand holding an iPhone, but no and it's not a fake either.
Thanks to my friend and fellow designer David Joyce and his iPhone I had the opportunity to have a look of how my blog is seen in the iPhone's browser (Safari).
With this photo he made one geek very happy. ;) I can't wait to Apple starts the distribution of the phone in Argentina.

[On a note aside: One thing that suprised me it was that the typography (of my blog) was changed for a serif font when in this template it is well declared that the last resort when it comes to typographies is the standard san-serif. The typography issue was an annoying extra comma in this template. How embarrassing! hehe]

* Me gustaría decir que esa mano sosteniento un iPhone es mía, pero no y tampoco es un fake.
Gracias a mi amigo y colega David Joyce y su iPhone tuve la oportunidad de tener un adelanto de cómo se ve mi blog en el navegador del iPhone (Safari).
Con esta foto él hizo a un geek muy feliz ;) No puedo esperar a que Apple comience a distribuir el celular en Argentina.

[Como nota al margen: Una cosa que me sorprendió es que la tipografía (de mi blog) ha sido reemplazada por una con serif cuando en esta plantilla está bien declarado que cuando se trata de fuentes el último recurso a utilizar es la san-serif standard. El problema de la tipografía era una coma rebelde de más en esta plantilla. Vergonzoso! jejeje]

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At 2:05 PM, Anonymous daveJay said...

hey, happy to help iPhoneize you =)

As far as the font goes, I played around with it, and it appears that the comma in the font declaration is throwing safari off. Just remove the comma after sans-serif. Safari seems to be less forgiving then other browsers.

The CSS validator points out the error: http://tinyurl.com/3bycul

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Guille said...

Hi Dave!

"it is well declared", haha, I had to eat my own words.

Thanks for pointed that out, it's already fixed (at least that part, try to overlook the rest of the mess.)

See ya around, Guille :)

At 4:40 PM, Blogger guadalupe said...

Tu blog en el iPhone... MacBook Pro... qué más????????

Mil congrats!!! El parto ha terminado!

Y por supuesto ... ¬¬

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Guille said...


Ahora soy un fan de apple "legit".
Esta mañana tempranito llegó el paquete con la MacBookpro, no sabés lo feliz que estoy, en cuanto tenga una cámara subo fotos.



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