Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Desingertypes: (designer + stereotypes)
Labelling people could be an obnoxious behaviour, but this two tags are pretty accurate.
These are the "model" proto-designers that we can find in our student stage in any design school.


The Chosen One:
Surely you recognize your token class overachiever. Well, he's actually hard working and super talented and you just call him an overachiever because it's nearly unbearable how freakin' flawless he is. His concepts, drawing skills, models, and presentations are top drawer without fail, and besides academics, he's impeccably dressed, has the coolest new music you haven't heard yet blasting on his iPod, and of course, the ladies love him. Yes, it's easy to hate on someone who makes life look so easy, but remember that you are who you hang out with and you might be able to learn a thing or two from Mr. Perfect.

The Lady:
She's hot. She knows it. She's got mad skills and awesome ideas but always points her concepts to a female audience. If the assignment was to design a new urinal, she'd find a way to gear it toward the girls. Pretty sexist huh? Not so fast. This chickie is ahead of many who don't understand who their user is or even why it's an important thing to comprehend. Sure, she gets a little extreme at times, but she designs for a defined user, which is an important step in the design process that can help immensely in creating effective solutions.

Desingertypes: (diseñadores + estereotipos)
Etiquetar a la gente puede ser un comportamiento ofensivo, pero estas dos definiciones son bastante acertadas.
Estos son los proto-diseñadores "modelo" que podemos encontrar en nuestra etapa de estudiantes en cualquier escuela de diseño.

El Elegido:
Seguramente reconocés al típico "cumplidor excesivo" de la clase. Bueno, él es un trabajador constante y super talentoso y lo llamas "cumplidor excesivo" por que es casi insoportable lo odiosamente perfecto que es. Sus conceptos, su habilidad para dibujar, sus maquetas y presentaciones establecen un nivel muy alto y sin ninguna falla, y dejando lo académico de lado, se viste implecablemente, tiene la musica más cool que vos jamás hayas escuchado en su iPod, y por supuesto, las chicas lo aman. Sí, es fácil odiar a alguien que hace que su vida parezca tan fácil, pero recordá que vos sos como con los que pasas tu tiempo, y si estás cerca del él a lo mejor sos capaz de aprender una cosa o dos del Sr. Perfecto.

La Dama:
Ella esta buenísima, y lo sabe. Tiene excelentes habilidades e ideas increíbles pero siempre apunta sus conceptos hacia el público femenino. Si la tarea es diseñar un migitorio, ella encontrará la forma de hacerlo para las chicas. Bastante sexista, no? No tan rápido. Esta chica está adelantada a muchos que no entienden quien va a ser su usuario o incluso por qué es algo tan importante de comprender. Seguro, que a veces ella puede ser un poco extrema, pero diseña para un usuario definido, lo que es un paso importante en el proceso de diseño que puede ayudar inmensamente cuando de encontrar soluciones creativas se trata.

Via: Core77
Link: Hack2School: The ultimate design student guide



At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty accurate!

I had the Mr Perfect guy sat next to me and by the second year of school, there already were not one but TWO Mr. DesignerXtraFnacy. The guy and just me, I'm afraid... It is true one can learn a lot from such type of people... And there was the lady as well... Not to extend, but the story ends like that: the guy and I became partners and as for the girl... I married her...

I can not say Design Schools ain't cool!


At 1:20 PM, Blogger Guille said...

That's one great story to tell. Design Schools are awesome.

Thanks for your visit and your comment. Cheers mate.

At 4:37 AM, Blogger Conejito Perverso said...

LOL this is so true!, I was the weird crazy twin (yeah I actually have a twin sister that also studied design)and to make it perfect my sister is a princess and I'm a witch? don't now, really but well I ended in web design and she is in editorial and art history research

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Guille said...

@Conejito perverso:

You have a twin?? you don't know how lucky you are. I always wanted to have one but sadly I'm an only child. Two twin sisters and designers must be crazy cool. Cheers for you.

See ya around and thanks for the comment. ;)


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